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Can I still hold an Event while there are Covid-19 restrictions?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

We know the last year has been tough! Its also been confusing with ongoing changes and updates to restrictions. We've had many calls asking the same questions, like..... Can I still hold an event in my home and if so how many guests can I have. Do I need a Covid safe plan or checklist? Do I have to use an Event planner?

As it stands today, information on the Qld Goverment Covid 19 website states that:

* Gatherings: 100 people allowed to gather in homes and 500 in public spaces across Queensland. From 1am Saturday 13 March 100 people are allowed to gather in homes and 500 in public spaces.

*Wedding ceremonies: Up to 200 people or one person per 2 square metres (whichever is greater) and all guests can dance (both indoors and outdoors).

*Indoor events: 500 people permitted at indoor events with a COVID Safe Event Checklist. Larger events require a COVID Safe Plan.

  • Ticketed venues: 100% capacity at seated, ticketed venues with patrons encouraged to wear masks on entry and exit (e.g. theatre, live music, cinemas, indoor sports, universities and other higher education institutions). Performers can distance from audience at 2m, except choirs which remain at 4m from the audience.

  • Outdoor events: Fewer than 500 people per day permitted without a COVID Safe Checklist, no per person per square meter limits, and no requirement to collect contact details. Event with between 500 and 1499 people permitted with a COVID Safe Event Plan. Larger events require a COVID Safe Event Plan.

For a full list of directives check out the website link above and always review the website before you start planning your event to ensure that you remain compliant.

So in can hold a party or event indoors at a private property for up to 500 people but you are also required to adhere to the "Restrictions on Business Activities and Undertaking Direction" which means that you are required to have a Business professional (Event Planner) to complete the Co-vid Safe Event checklist.

The benefit of using a professional planner is that they can offer their expertise and time to put your event together and do all the hard yards, giving you time to focus on more pressing things. They will also need to be onsite for the duration of the event to ensure that your guests adhere to all directives and to present the signed checklist and Statement of Compliance should a Health or Government Official request it.

Got more questions? Drop us a line.....

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