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How much food do I need for a Sit down menu?

Sit down menu catering tips

Sit down menus are the more formal of menus therefore they offer a selection of protein, usually meat or poultry with a seafood option. Some menus today also offer a vegetarian or plant based option as standard.

Tailoring the menu to the majority of your guests is an important consideration. It’s no use offering a selection of two animal proteins when the majority of guests are vegetarian.

Main meal

Adult meals should consist of 300-500g per person and less for Children depending on age. This is not the time to be stingy with portions as you want your guests to be satiated and still have some room for dessert.

Protein portions of Meat, Seafood and Poultry – 150-180 g

Vegetables – 120-160g

Salad – 30g

Starchy vegetables such as potatoes 80-150g

Rice – 60-80g for a main meal (risotto, fried rice etc)


When offering sides here are some guidelines we’ve put together.

Legumes, rice, grains, pasta – 50-60g

Vegetables – 50g

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