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How much food do I need for my Cocktail party

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

If you’ve ever attended an event and ended up driving to a burger joint on the way home because there wasn’t enough to eat, you’re not alone.

Here we’ve given you some tips to help with your next Cocktail style event, where finger food rules! Stay tuned for more catering tips for sit down, grazing and buffet type menus

Main Meal Finger Food

If the menu is the ‘main meal’ – allocate 4 pieces per hour for the first two hours then 2-3 pieces for every hour after that. Guests are likely to be hungry to begin with, then they tend to graze as they mingle

If the menu is ‘pre or post dinner’ – 3 pieces per hour should suffice


If you’re providing a Dessert Bar, allow 3-4 pieces per person or follow the guides below for Individual Dessert items

Cake -1 slice of cake, tart or regular size cupcakes

1-2 pastries, depending on their size

2-3 mini desserts, petit fours, mini cupcakes or slices

Fruit platter - 3-4 pieces, kebabs – 2 sticks or 1 cup Fruit salad

Icecream, mousse and scoopable desserts – 1 cup

While these are only guides it is important to speak with your Caterer or Event Planner to ensure that you have the right quantity of food for your type of event and for the amount of guests. Keep in mind, you want your guests raving about how amazing your event was not how little food there was.

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