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Party decoration packages -What are the benefits ?

In a world of busy (we're all busy right?) if we can save ourselves some time, stress and hair pulling by getting someone else to do the things that we aren't necessarily skilled at or enjoy doing, that's gotta be a good thing?

Regardless of your stage of life some of us are better at throwing a party than others and lets face it some of us just don't have the desire, skill or patience to do it, full stop! And.....anyone who's ever started planning a party will know that there is ALOT to think of. It's kind of like an Alice in Wonderland situation where you start thinking about one thing then you open up the rabbit hole to a heap of other areas that you just hadn't thought of.

All in all, us Event Planners want to make our Clients lives easier, that why you pay us right? Actually, we do it because we love what we do, we thrive on the thrill of the next problem that we will solve and cant wait to get our hands dirty pulling together a party that will be remembered for years to come. We also know that you will enjoy your special occasion much more if you don't have lift a finger, you're not involved in all of the nitty gritty and you get to just turn up on the day and its all done for you.

With that in mind we have recently created some set party packages for our Clients who want to simply make their choice then leave it in our hands. We've put together a few different Party decoration packages and the best part is the price is set if you stick with the listed inclusions (though you can tailor your package) and we do all of the work for you.

Our Brisbane Event Planner will liaise with you to ensure we know your theme and colour scheme then we come to you on the day, do the set up and we also arrange collection of all hire items for you. Now you see it, now you don't!

We also offer a full range of design and planning options for Birthday parties and any other occasion you can think of. We are a local Brisbane Event Planning business and have many happy Clients throughout the area who have loved the service provided by Just Beautiful Events. Check out our packages here

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