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How much food do I need for a Buffet?

Most of us love a good buffet! This style of catering provides guests with the opportunity to sample a variety of goodies all in one place. If guests are serving themselves, safe food handling practices are a must so be sure to provide utensils to be used for each dish or event better ask someone to serve guests for you.

A buffet should include enough for a main entrée for guests, with 2-3 sides per person. Smaller portions of breads, salads and soups can act as great fillers too.

Regardless of whether you are offering a breakfast, lunch or a dinner buffet aim to include a choice of sweet items such as fruit, pastries or full on dessert items like cake, tarts and slices.

For reference a ‘main entrée’ would comprise of approximately of 7 items from the buffet with additional items being grazed over the duration of the event. If the buffet includes dessert items, these will be in addition to the above. Take a look back at our blog Post 01 for estimated quantities for Desserts.

The above information should only be used as a guideline. It is important to speak with your Caterer or Event Planner to ensure that you have the right quantity of food for your type of event and for the amount of guests. Keep in mind, you want your guests raving about how amazing your event was not how little food there was.

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