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Why you think you don't need an Event planner.

There are many reasons that you have have never considered using an Event Planner to plan and execute your next party or event. Here's the top three reasons commonly expressed.

I don’t need an Event Planner, how hard can it be to slap together a party?

Event planners’ cost you money so doing it yourself will work out cheaper, right?

Well that’s a common misconception. Planning an event takes time, usually a lot of time and most people don’t have countless free hours to spend sourcing venues, suppliers and all of the elements that go into creating a standout event. There is also a lot of time spent following up with vendors and contractors, choosing menus, dealing with invoices and payments and checking and rechecking arrangements to ensure everything falls into place. Event planners are professionals in organizing and planning and usually have this kind of stuff down pat.

In short hiring a professional planner will free up your time, provide you with peace of mind and enable you to deal with only the high level important decisions. That’s got to be worth it right?

Event planners cost too much

Where is the value in hiring a planner?

We find that most of our Clients appreciate the peace of mind they have knowing that all of the details, even the smallest are taken care of. They know that their spare time is theirs to enjoy and that they will save money because of the Industry discounts their Planner has.

We charge by the hour and provide a detailed quote up front so you have all of the information you need and fully understand where your investment is being spent, so why wouldn’t you use an Event Planner?

Using an Event Planner is only for rich people and I think it will be pretty intimidating!

I can’t hire an Event Planner just for my backyard Birthday party. We say, why not?

Finding an Event Planner that meets your needs is important. We also feel its important to know up front how much using an Event Planner will cost. Do your research!!! We can’t stress this enough. Find a Planner with an interest, expertise or experience in the type of event you are holding. Ask to see examples of their work and ask as many questions as you like. Look at Customer reviews and most importantly meet your prospective planner face to face to see if you gel. If not keep searching! If you aren’t feeling it now you are unlikely to be feeling it once you hire them.

We are down to earth people and love nothing more than helping everyday people just like us to present a great event. Its that simple! We offer a one on one Consultation to discuss your requirements, this provides both you and your Planner time to determine if we are able to assist with your event and if we fit your brief and budget. What have you got to lose?

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